1st Flynig Day Route of MontAdria Heros of Bocca OPENING CEREMONY

2.June 2022

08:00 Pre-flight Briefing for pilots and crews

09:00 Departure of participants to the Airport Tivat (APT LYTV)

11:00 Start of the first takeoff

13:00 Landing of participants at APT LYTV and Marina 

14:30 Gathering of participants and guests in front of the Naval Heritage Collection Museum and Synchro of Porto Montenegro

15:00 Welcome speeches, history of hydro aviation, majorettes intro with orchestra

16:00 Flying program for all with an AirShow cocktail for special guests: 4 ensembles alive

16:30 Demonstration flights on seaplanes. Exhibition "History of Hydroaviation in Bocca“ at the Naval Heritage Collection Museum static exhibition of the seaplanes and stands
Accommodation in Tivat and Old town of Kotor