2nd Flying Day Route of MontAdria Historical Montenegro WELCOME CEREMONY

3. June 2022

08:00 Pre-flight Briefing for pilots and crews

09:00 Departure of participants to the Airport

10:00 Start of the first takeoff

10:30 Participants water landings at the Skadar Lake

11:00 Departure of participants from Skadar Lake

11:30 Overflight of Podgorica (LYPO) and Nikšić (LYNK) airports, touch and go at Slano Lake

12:00 Water landing at the water surface of Piva Lake in the Plužine region and continuing to fly along the route towards Žabljak airfield

15:00 Overflying and touch and go at the Black Lake on Durmitor and landing at Berane Airfield (IVG)

15:30 Welcome speech by the Mayor of Berane with program

16:00 Transportation of participants to Hotel and gala dinner

Accommodation in Berane and Lake of Plav