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About Seaplane Regatta

Brave seaplane pilot and industrial seaplane producer


Century ago, dating back to 1913 in Montenegro in Bay of Kotor area the "Seaplane Station" was established as one of the first that kind in the world. Furthermore, that facility grew into one of the largest seaports where dozens of seaplanes were based for several monarchies and states. Time passes, monarchies fade away but new inspirations based on a rich tradition, come back again.

Seaplanes amphibian have the ability to land both on the water surface as on the runway and make possible ideal opportunity to visit the beauties of the coastal parts of any country on the easiest, most attractive and safest way and to connect the beauties of the continental part with mountain lakes, river canyons and mountain massifs into one unity,  That’s how seaplane aviation synthesize the beauty of motion.

The organisational team of MontAdria has a rich previous international experience in seaplane aviation as an active member of the World Seaplane Association and actively participating in implementation of European Seaplane Federation.  We also have a strategic cooperation with the seaplane designers and producers worldwide. 


In July 2007, after years of pausing, we performed the first flights on the Skadar Lake and resumed seaplane flying activity in Montenegro. We are extremely proud of our concept of networking development of airfields and seaplane water sites as the basis for strategic development of General Aviation in Montenegro and in the Mediterranean region.

International Seaplane Regatta MONTADRIA was initiated to be the powerful engine for promotion of seaplane aviation and seaplane advantages for society at large.  Returning of forgotten airfields becomes a reality, thereby we create the mechanism to use efficiently ports and marinas facilities additionally transforming them as well into successful hydrodromes and seaports. 

Let’s do this Mission Together

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