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Airfield/Airport Berane ICAO: LYBR IATA: IVG - Dolac

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Berane Airport also known as Dolac Airport LYBR FPL: ZZZZ N425019 E0195143

(IATA: IVG, ICAO: LYBR), is an airport located near Berane, Montenegro. Berane was known as Ivangrad from July 1949 to March 1992, hence the IATA code IVG.

It is one of the four Montenegrin airports to feature a paved runway and one of three Montenegrin airports to have a terminal building. Berane Airport was used for regular airline traffic during the SFRY era, but has since fallen into disuse. Today it is used mostly by general aviation. There is an ongoing debate on whether Berane Airport should be invested in and possibly revitalized as an international airport. Berane city officials, as well as the general public in north-eastern Montenegro, favours the reconstruction, while government authorities question the project's viability.

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