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Lake of Plav (loc. Plavsko jezero)

Lake of Plav #plavskojezero Montenegro is a glacial lake located between the Prokletije Mountains and Visitor mountain ranges at an altitude of 906 m above sea level, and extends north–south for some 2,160 m. Its average width is 920 m, and its maximum depth is nine meters.

It is the largest glacial lake in Montenegro, and is also the best-known tourist attraction in the area.

The whole Plav region nestles at the foot of the towering Prokletije Mountains range and rests on the banks of Lake Plav. The lake itself stretches from north to south for nearly a mile.

@montadria2021 is coming to the places of Montenegro where for the first time in history seaplanes are operating and networking sport and touristic small regional airports and hydrodromes in Montenegro and the region.

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