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River Piva canyon and artificial Lake

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Piva Lake (loc. Pivsko jezero) FPL: ZZZZ N430915 E0184935 and Municipality of Pluzine greets pilots of seaplanes for the first time in theirs history ever in May 2021.

@montadria2021 is visiting an outstanding places and attractive spots of Montenegro, having reach tradition and history and will have the great future as the part of the networking of sport and touristic small regional airports and hydrodromes in Montenegro and the region.

Piva Lake (Pivsko jezero) is an artificial lake located in Municipality Plužine, on the north-west part of Montenegro. Piva landscape is marked by dense stands of trees, limestone plateaus with some spectacular canyons formed by the Tara, Piva, Komarnica and Sušica rivers.


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